The 8 Best Foods for Healthy Hair

When it comes to hair, both men and women love to maintain healthy, shiny hair for a great appearance. Your overall appearance depends on what your hair looks like. However, there are some factors that influence your hair, such as age, hormones, genetics, and nutrition deficiencies. Most of us use multiple products for hair care like shampoos and other high-priced cosmetic products to make our hair look perfect. If you think all these are enough to grow a healthy hair, you’d be wrong.

Like your body, your hair gets hungry and needs nutrient-rich foods to thrive. It’s been scientifically proven that eating nutrient-rich foods helps to grow and control your hair.

Let’s dive into some great hair care tips for perfect, healthy hair growth:

1. Eggs

Most people know that biotin is good for hair growth, so they always look for shampoos with this particular ingredient. Not many people are aware that they have the same ingredient in their home – right in the kitchen! Eggs are rich in biotin which is very essential for healthy hair growth and overall scalp health. People enjoy eating eggs in the forms of breakfast, boiled, and sliced cold over a green salad. Eggs aren’t just satisfying for your taste buds, they are also a healthy hair care providers!

2. Oysters

Zinc is an essential mineral for both healthy hair and an overall healthy body. Low levels of zinc in your body can cause slow growth, hair loss, and even dandruff. When it comes to finding a rich source of zinc, oyster is a great choice that can do wonders for your hair, nails, and skin. Half a dozen oysters will even provide 500% of your daily zinc requirement.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidant beta-carotene, which your body transforms into vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for all cell growth, especially hair. Beta-carotene protects our hair against becoming dry, dull, and lifeless. It also prevents dry skin, which can fall off as dandruff. Eating beta-carotene-rich foods like carrots, pumpkins, mangoes, and sweet potatoes are all part of proper hair growth!

4. Bell Peppers

All bell peppers (red, yellow, and green) aren’t just colorful; they’re also a good source of vitamin C which is necessary for healthy hair. Vitamin C helps in producing collagen that your body uses to hold cells together. That includes everything from hair follicles to skin to blood vessels! All these vital organs need collagen to grow and stay healthy in the long term. Even minor vitamin C deficiency can lead to dry and splitting hair.

5. Lentils

Lentils are a great source of iron-rich protein. Experts recommended protein because it’s necessary for cell growth as well as hair. Hair mainly gets its structure from hardened proteins known as keratin. It’s a strong natural protein that’s a key structural building block for hair, skin, and nails. Without enough keratin protein, your hair will grow slowly with weak strands. You should always include iron-rich vegetables with foods high in vitamin C for healthy hair.

6. Spinach

Spinach is an excellent leafy vegetable that contains lots of benefits – not just for hair but also for an overall healthy body. It’s an especially great source for women. According to a study, women who had severe hair loss are more likely to have low iron. Generally, women experience more iron deficiency because of blood loss during menstruation. Thus, it’s necessary to consume iron-rich food to help red blood cells carry oxygen. This keeps hair lustrous and shiny with sebum, which acts as a natural conditioner to your hair. It also contains B vitamins that help in the creation of red blood cells.

7. Almond Butter

Almond butter has multiple nutrients such as healthy fats, proteins, and certain vitamins, all of which are very good for healthy hair. In particular, nuts contain vitamin E, which is a great source for keeping your hair strands thick and lustrous. According to a study, a man who supplemented vitamin E daily observed a 42% increase in his hair growth. Just a tablespoon of almond butter is enough for getting thick and shining hair!

8. Tangerines

Since tangerines are loaded with vitamin C, they’re known as one of the great foods that help build collagen, which is very essential for hair growth. Iron is an excellent source for healthy hair, which is also absorbed by a vitamin C. Tangerine oil also has great anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that protect against dandruff, dry scalp, and other infections.

If you’re looking for healthy hair, then it’s high time to include the above food groups in your diet. Try it today and start experiencing the difference!

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