How Women Should Choose Hairstyles

A hairstyle is a key of your overall look. When it comes to hairstyles, picking the right one to suit your face is not always easy. Your type of haircut, depending on how it’s styled, can enhance or ruin your look. It can form a complete first impression of you. For the best hairstyle, you should consider which style will suit your face, your lifestyle, and which will look the most impressive!

There’s no doubt that we select hairstyles based on our own personal tastes, but the right hairstyle mainly depends on the shape of your face. However, how can you know about hairstyles that look better on you than others?
A hairstyle that suits you can really make you look sharp and trendy. Read on to discover the different hairstyles that can make you look awesome and confident!

What is my face shape?
There are different face shapes for girls, so you might get confused about what your best facial feature is. The best and easiest way is to take a photo of yourself, see how your haircut looks on your face, and match that with the right hairstyle for your face. Below, we’ve listed some recommended hairstyles for every face shape.

Oval Face
Oval is considered the perfect face shape for women. If you have an oval face, then you are among the luckiest women on the planet. Why? Well dear, because you can try whatever hairstyle you like. Anything will look good on your face, be it a sassy pixie or long glamorous waves. At the same time, highlighting your beautiful eyes with your haircut can do wonders. Some female celebrities you can find with oval faces include Beyonce and Sharon Stone.

Round Face
You will mainly find round faces with equal height and width. How do you minimize the roundness of your face shape? Well, professional hairstylists often do it with a deep side part and long side bangs. Hairstylists mainly recommend medium and long hairstyles for women with round face shapes. You can also enhance your face look by adding choppy pixie cuts and styles with added volume on top. Check out Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie cut for inspiration. Remember to get your haircut at the best hairstylist near your area!

Square Face
Square faces often identify as a masculine face shape, but there are plenty of women who look beautiful with this square shape as well – Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, and Olivia Wilde to name a few. There are some terrific hairstyles that soften the angles of square faces and add some height on top. Some haircuts that suit square-faced girls are chin-length bobs, lobs, loose medium hair lengths, and long waves.

Heart Face
These cute face shapes generally include a wide forehead and pointy chin. A V-shaped growth of hair towards the center of the forehead is the only thing that differentiates one face shape from the other. Which hairstyles look fabulous to you? Bouncy curls from mid-length to ends and curly hair can complement your chin. You can add long, swoopy bangs to make your hairstyle look even more beautiful.

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