Some Makeup Do’s and Don’ts According to Professional Makeup Artist

Have you ever observed how your makeup routine looks like? All of you have a different personality and so according to it the habit about makeup application is different. There are simply no rules in makeup; all you need to do is – to wear a clean, stylish, and well blended makeup on your face. You may see different looks and trends that people carry in their day to day life. There is so much you can try to make your look awesome and beautiful for that special day. But, how will you come to know what to try or what not to? You should play with your makeup but be careful at the same time.

So, let’s start with some important makeups do and don’ts to make your day unforgettable:

Makeup DO’s

  • Prepare Your Skin First

Before applying makeup on your skin, make sure that you have a clean face to work with. To achieve a flawless complexion some preparation is needed before. Beautiful paint needs a fresh slate so that applying makeup will be easier, and the outcome will appear more natural.

  • Set Foundation with Powder

Whether you are going to attend evening party or just meeting with friends, a hard-working powder will always make you look perfect. After applying foundation on your face, just dust over a powder that can make your face glow with its feather-light formula. There are so many light powders in the market that you can use for a perfect look. Foundation with powder will make it easier to apply blusher.

  • Keep your Brushes Clean

It is important to keep your beauty tools clean at least once in a week. The face-contacted brushes when put into cosmetic bags or makeup storage it becomes breeding grounds for bacteria. The un-cleaned brush can cause infections, clogged up pores or even wrinkles on the face. Cleaning makeup brush cannot be with you lifetime, but will remain longer in your cosmetic box.

  • Use a Magnifying Mirror

Not many know, but this is the best-kept secret of many makeup artist and beauty professionals. After you apply makeup, a magnifying mirror always makes sure that you have not missed anything on your face. It will let you check the sharp eyeliner and beautifully applied lipstick or if anything that you want to fix before you dash off to the office.

Makeup Don’ts

  • Don’t Skip Moisturiser 

You may have noticed that whenever you wash your face with warm or hot water, your skin becomes tight and rough which needs some moisturizing. Applying foundation straight to your dry skin – can flake leaving you with an uneven tone with even the tiniest flaw underlined. Applying morning moisturizer will give you refreshed experience even in the evening when others with non-makeup looks dull.

  •  Don’t Go Crazy with the Eyebrows

Are you not sure about how to shape your eyebrows? Well, trying yourself and over plucking your eyebrows is not a good idea. The best way to give fascinating shape to your eyebrows is to go to a professional makeup artist as they know how to give your eyebrows a beautiful touch that will look natural and defined.

  • Don’t Make Evening Makeup A Day Look

You don’t wear heavy and shiny dress in the afternoon, right? It looks good only in the evening party. Same goes even for a makeup, heavy and intense makeup don’t look good at the day time. If you want to feel confident enough than your makeup should be occasion appropriate. Wrong or over makeup in different situations will make you feel awkward.

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  • Don’t Forget to Wash off Your Makeup

Not washing off your makeup before going to bed will lead your skin into breakouts or even rashes. The sensitive skin gets easily affected by the irritants and chemicals within the cosmetics. The consistent chemical touch can contribute to premature aging and will develop more wrinkles on your face. The trapped makeup in your skin can cause reactions that prevent skin repairing while you sleep, which can result in fine lines and premature aging.

The above dos and don’ts are really great guidelines to paint a beautiful canvas on your face. Contact a professional makeup artist so that you can confidently walk around the world.

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