7 Summer Care Tips to Keep your Hair Lustrous As Before!

Summer means vacation time, which is all about heading outdoors with your loved ones after spending lots of time inside the house. However, traveling during the summer can harm your hair because of over-exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Lack of proper hair care can lead to messy hair or even long-term damage. With the summer heat around the corner, your hair needs some precautions in order to stay beautiful.

When summer rolls around, these 7 summer hair care tips can do wonders for your hair!

1. Moisturizer

When your hair dries out in the sun, bring it back to life with the help of a conditioner. Similar to your body, your hair needs some water to survive and stay healthy in the hot weather. For beautiful hair, hydration is very necessary and will provide a bouncy look even in the hot season. Just be careful and only buy the products that suit your hair type and texture.

2. Shampoo

A hot summer means more sweating, which leads to undesirable smells from your hair. To avoid this awkward situation, you might be inclined to shampoo your hair everyday in the summer. If you think it’s right to shampoo your hair daily, you’d be sorely mistaken. Over-shampooing can lead to hair damage, which does more harm than good. To avoid breakage, just shampoo your scalp and not your hair. The suds and foam will automatically clean your hair while you rinse it.

3. Natural Oils

Aside from moisturizing and shampooing, oil is a necessity to balance and rehydrate your hair in the hot summer. For proper hair care, a good type of coconut oil can work as a lotion and refresh your hair and let it breath. If you’re looking to avoid scalp sunburns, avocado oil is a great solution as well.

4. Sunscreen

Your hair and scalp need an extra layer of protection in the blazing hot season. It’s very important to protect your hair with the help of a scarf whenever you go out in the summer. An even better solution is to use a live-in conditioner with sunscreen. It’s great to enjoy your vacation outdoors, but if you have a lot of outdoor work to do then your hair needs protection. It’s best to use a good amount of SPF hair products that have been made especially for summer use. Just make sure that you wash the sunscreen out of your hair once you reach home.

5. Avoid Excessive Heat

Exposing your hair to additional heat this season is extremely risky since it already gets a lot of heat in the summer. Hair dryers can cause unnecessary damage to your hair, as too much heat can lead to breakage, frizziness, or bald spots. If you prefer hair dryers, try to blow-dry on your arm first. If it’s burning your skin then it’ll most likely burn your hair too. The safest way to dry off would be air drying or using a soft towel.

6. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is like a prerequisite for all of the above tips. No matter what you do to protect yourself with the above hair care tips, it won’t be of any use if your body isn’t getting enough water. Water is an essential supplement for healthy hair and skin. Give your body as much extra fluid that you need to keep your hair healthy and hydrated in the hot summer. The summer season is all about fresh fruits and vegetables, so you can also include them in your diet to get extra vitamins and minerals.

7. Color Carefully

If you like to color your hair, then you need to be a bit more careful in the summer. The chemicals in your hair coloring products will do maximum damage to your hair if it’s too hot out. Chemical treatments often lead to color fading and excessive hair dryness. The best course of action is to choose quality hair care products and avoid direct sunlight. As long as it’s summer, try to cover your hair with a scarf or hat and don’t go out immediately after coloring.

Protecting your hair in the summer is a little more difficult than in other season. If you follow the recommendations in our summer hair care tips, you’ll see the best results in no time!

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