Why is it important to have a professional hairstylist cut and color your hair?

Of course cutting and coloring your hair at home is a much cheaper and less time consuming alternative and you may be confident that you know exactly what you’re doing… But have you ever thought of how much damage and stress you could be causing your hair? Using the incorrect tools and products could be leading you straight to disaster. If you try to cut your hair at home using regular scissors it can actually create more split ends when you think you’re getting rid of them. There is also a chance that you will end up cutting your hair uneven or it will come out shorter than you had originally planned, leaving you to go to a salon to get it fixed and having to cut off more hair than you had originally planned. Cutting hair requires technique and consideration of things like angles and layers and only your hairstylist knows if your hair should be wet or dry while cutting it.

When it comes to dying your hair, box dyes don’t seem like they would cause any harm to your hair, do they? Not only does dye stain your skin and scalp, it also contains harmful chemicals that can damage your scalp and dry out your hair if not used properly. Even though the box may look like the color that you’re going for, it could end up coming out a completely different color than you originally planned. Only a trained hairstylist will know what color combination to mix, in order to give you the results you want. If your hair is dry from the start, this could damage it even more causing it to break. This process should be customized for your specific hair type, but boxed hair dye is made for a wide range of hair types and this is why the results are so inconsistent. Think about it… If you’ve got blonde hair and apply and dark color, the intensity of the color would be much stronger than if that same color were applied to the hair of a brunette. These dyes tend to also fade faster as opposed to getting your hair professionally dyed, due to inconsistencies in the amount of peroxide and coloring agents used. Box dyes contain only one formula, leaving you with one flat color. Professionals usually mix in a few different colors to give the hair color more depth, which also requires different developers at various strengths and separate leave-in times.

Next time you’re thinking of changing up your hairstyle, call your local Sturbridge salon, Altamoda, and book an appointment. Not only will visiting a hair salon for your hair color or haircut, it will also be much safer and accurate for your hair. Our great salon in Sturbridge can also offer you a wide range of options for hair color. Come in, have a glass of wine and make it a relaxing time for you as well. Don’t spend time and money damaging your hair and risk giving yourself an uneven haircut or ruining your hair color, when you can easily visit Altamoda hair salon and have it done correctly the first time. Altamoda hair salon is your local Sturbridge salon specializing in hair color, hair cuts, foils, extensions, balayage, ombré and more. Walk-ins are always welcome, although appointments are strongly recommended. Give us a call at (508) 347-3400.

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